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The power of text.

Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch when you're on the go or in a meeting. With your The Wireless Gadget phone you can send messages to, and receive messages from, any 10-digit wireless number.

The The Wireless Gadget Smart Card chip in your phone stores messages — even when the phone's turned off — so you always have access to important information. Text messages can be up to 160 characters long.

Most The Wireless Gadget phones also have the Predictive Text feature which enables you to write messages quickly with built-in software that decodes your keystrokes and scans an internal dictionary for matching words.

Anyone in the world with Internet e-mail service can also send e-mails to your phone. Your The Wireless Gadget phone has an e-mail address that incorporates your 11-digit phone number. Your The Wireless Gadget phone lets you receive messages, save the messages and reply back.

Each customer has their own e-mail address for their phone.
It is your 11-digit mobile number:

Sending mail from your handset to an email address

Select MENU. Select Messages. Select Create E-mail or similiar option. Using your phone keypad, first enter the e-mail address. Select OK. Type in your subject line. Select OK. Type in your message (which can be up to 160 characters including the e-mail address.) Select Options. Select Send.

Sending mail from a computer to an The Wireless Gadget phone

Type in the 11-digit mobile number at the web address listed above and send like a normal e-mail.

See plans for text messaging pricing.